Don't hate me!

ethical blogger

This past month I've been having a BLAST creating content for this blog. I'm so inspired and I feel I have so much to say and so much to discover when it comes to sustainability. I've been reading and educating myself and just totally fell in love with this lifestyle over and over again. However, I have been noticing that bloggers who promote a sustainable lifestyle and who work their asses off to find alternatives to conventional products, who go out of their way for a zero waste lifestyle and try to keep their impact on this earth to a minimum, experienceso much scrutiny and plain hate (like, for eating a bar of Snickers!).

Yet, bloggers who promote bland consumerism, are getting all the love and praise for mentioning  a fair fashion brand once(!).

ethical blogger

That ain't right.

I mean, I get it: a "conventional" blogger doesn't have any moral premises to start with. So, anything slightly ethical catches a lot of attention. An "ethical" (ugh, that word, tho) blogger, on the other hand, has very high standards to live up to. People observe much more closely if (s)he is truly living the life (s)he is promoting.

But I also think that people want ethical bloggers to screw up a little (by buying that devilish bar of Snickers). No one likes an eager beaver.

I get it, I get it.

However, it is also SO MEAN. Come on, let those people be. They're doing such a good job. Let them have that goddamn Snickers once in a while and yes, even some Primark socks. No one is coherent, we're all full of contradictions. That's the beauty of being human. We all do what we can.

I'm also speaking on my behalf here because I definitely want this blog to be as sustainability promoting as possible. But seeing other fellow bloggers being under so much pressure of doing it all perfectly is a bit off-putting. I mean, I'm trying my best there, I'm trying out stuff, but don't expect me to be Mother Theresa (and even she had some shady sides!). It's more of a trial-and-error thing. Don't hate me! 😅