Do not sacrifice yourself.

Story of my life. This situation repeats itself over and over again in all kinds of variations:

“Oh, you didn't do the dishes.” (*Lazy bastard!*)

“Sorry, on it in a minute.”

“Naa, that's alright. I'll do the dishes.” (*I just came home from work and you basically played computer games the whole day. But no worries. I'll just friggin' do the dishes. Let's face it: if I don't do them, nobody will. Or, at least, not properly. No one does the dishes like me!*)

“You sure?”

“Yeah, yeah, no probs.” (*I'm a martyr. I sacrifice myself. Look, how I sacrifice myself!*)

I hate myself every time I take on the role of the victim. And I take it on allot. And you do, too. (Going out on a limp here, but maybe I'm right?) Women tend to sacrifice themselves.

And it sucks. Because I don't feel good being in this role. It's no good for no one. It doesn't serve any purpose. It is passive-aggressive bullshit.

Instead of sacrificing myself, making myself a victim or martyr or whatever, I should just say out loud the first thing that comes to my mind. The one thing I really mean. (Which is the best advice in most situations. This or sleeping over it. Depends.)

Anyway, back to doing the dishes. Either "on it in a minute" is good enough. And then all is good. Or "on it in a minute" is not good enough. And that lazy bastard should have done the dishes ages ago. Fair enough. Then, I should just say that.

I really try my hardest to not say "okay" if it is not okay for me.

So, this week's obvious truth is:

You don't have to sacrifice yourself. You must not sacrifice yourself. You don't have to be the hero. You don't have to be the martyr. Be fair to yourself and others. Say what you really think.  DO NOT SACRIFICE YOURSELF. Really. Do not