You are beautiful. (And smart and adventurous and political and stylish and you don't even have to choose.)

I do enjoy reading glossy magazines from time to time. I don’t love their photoshopped realities, and most of the products they promote have outrageous price tags (like €2000-dresses, really?!), but there isn’t too much of an alternative around when it comes to women’s magazines. Or is theeeere? There is definitely a noticeable shift in media in general in how “women topics” are approached. Topics are more diverse, more nuanced and, at best, empowering. There is still a long way to go, but we are on the right track.

One magazine that is pioneering this movement is the absolutely gorgeous Darling Magazine.

Darling Magazine Issue No. 14
Darling Magazine Issue No. 14

Their mission statement reads like a revolutionary manifest (in beautiful calligraphy). And that’s exactly what Darling wants to be: The initiator of a movement that radically changes both the representation of women and the women’s perception of themselves.

Darling Magazine Issue No. 14

Darling magazine is not poppy glossy. It is deep matte.

Their topics go beyond the typical beauty-fashion-lifestyle realm. Yes, women are actually interested in intellectual subjects, in uncomfortable topics and adventures. And, at the same time, they love tutorials on how to fill in their brows. Hell, why not? These “personas” are not contradicting, they complement each other and make a woman whole.

Darling Magazine Issue No. 14

I couldn't be more passionate about this. A magazine like Darling was so profoundly missing for so much time. I couldn't be the only one who didn't feel fully represented neither by glossy magazines nor by alternative feminist zines. “Why do I have to choose, why can't I be both?” Darling lets you be both and all eight personas at once.

Darling Magazine Issue No. 14 Estée Lalonde

Darling is feminism in style.

Darling makes women feel beautiful, powerful and intelligentful (i.e. full of intelligence and it is OK that I just made this up.)

You can bake macaroons with rose petal sugar and have strong opinions on renewable energies. You can discuss Gloria Steinem while having a pedicure. You can go to fashion week AND you can be the most knowledgeable person on immigration policy in town.

You can be all that. You are all that. Join the #darlingmovement.

peace out