5 cringeworthy fashion items I used to love

I've always been fascinated with fashion. Even as a kid I was very fashion-conscious and loved having nice clothes. Nice clothes being...

... Neon cycling shorts

Like, this was a thing in the 90s. All the kids wore these shorts. And I remember having them in loads of hideous colors. But I was 10 and enjoying life. So what?

cycling shorts cringeworthy fashion

Benetton Sweaters

If you were 12 and wanted to be cool in my school you had to own several Benetton sweaters. Preferably, saying "Benetton" on them. I wanted to be cool. I never was. But these sweaters made me feel like I could be. Maybe.

Benetton sweater

Black Buffalo Platform Sneakers

They had to be Buffalo. They had to be black. And they had to have a platform sole. No off-brand sheez, no knock-off. No, exactly these ones. I swooned over these "sneakers" for soo soo long, but my mum just wouldn't buy them. So, I actually never owned them!!! Aaah! But they were definitely my teenage fashion crush. I imagined myself turning into this badass bitch as soon as I would put them on. Yeah, never happened.

Buffalo platform sneakers

Low rise jeans

Damn you, low rise jeans. And whoever invented you. Isn't it the most horrible feeling in the whole entire world to feel the cold wind, the winter breeze on your belly, your hips, your back every time your top slides up and the stupid stupid low rise jeans expose your bare skin. Eeeeks! (Also, you involuntarily flash your butt, spill your gorgeous belly fat over the waistband and have to constantly pull up your jeans. Horrible times.) I'm soo soo happy high rise is back in fashion. May these stupid low rise jeans never come back in fashion. Ever. Again.


Burgundy leather coat

Okay, while I can justify my other questionable fashion choices with just following trends, I freakin' don't know what was going on with me when I picked up a burgundy. leather. coat. I thought I looked so cool and badass. But what I really looked like was a serial killer wearing his blood-soaked killing garments.

red leather coat


Which cringeworthy fashion items did YOU get? (Like baaaaack in the day... or, like, last year. Come on, I'm going out on a limb here...)