yoga change

Sometimes change doesn't happen due to a life-changing experience or crisis or really really hard work and will power. Sometimes change just happens because it is time for it to happen. And honestly, I think that's the best and most durable type of change. 

During my travel in February, there was this glimpse of a moment when I thought: "I don't want to go back to the same old routine once I'm back home." It was just that one thought. No to-do list, no bullet journal, no goal setting. 

So, when I got back home, I signed up for (almost) daily yoga classes, I started to get up every day before 7 am and highly prioritized real life experiences over staying home and doing things online.

These were all pretty heavy changes in my life. And they weren't hard AT ALL. I don't mean to brag. My point is that sometimes change -real, durable change- can't be forced to happen. Doing all these things last year would have been an incredible struggle for me and I would have been miserable every time I "had to" get up early and "had to" go to yoga. I'm pretty sure I would have given up after a couple of weeks. 

yoga change child's pose

There's a time for everything. And if doing things differently takes you an enormous amount of effort, maybe it isn't the right time. Change will come to you naturally when you're ready for it.

I understand that there are times where you just have to push through, make an effort and get uncomfortable. Sure thing. However, it is also important to be gentle with yourself and surrender to the moment. Don't beat yourself up if you fail to achieve a "goal" or do all the things on your to-do list. It's okay. Things will come to you when it's time.