What's a Capsule Wardrobe? (...And should I have one?)

capsule wardrobe

So, in my quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, I was reading a lot about capsule wardrobes. I've heard of this concept before, but never really digged deeper. Now, however, I digged and this is what I found: The main idea of a capsule wardrobe is that you choose, let's say, 30-40 favorite, seasonal-appropriate items and stick with them for 3 months (the whole season). And you don't shop for clothes during these months.

Then, when the season is about to change, you keep the things that might serve you for the next season, donate/sell clothes you didn't wear and store the rest (for next year). Now, it's time to shop for the upcoming season. (Only, of course, if you really need something). Again, you wear the selected pieces for 3 months without adding any new clothes to your wardrobe and then start the whole process again for the following season.

capsule wardrobe

As you have a rather small number of available clothes - only things you really like and actually wear - your whole wardrobe has to go together, so that you get as many outfits out of it as possible. Mix and match, they say.

They also say that it feels very liberating to have a manageable amount of clothes. Getting dressed is fast, easy and a no-brainer.

Sounds good! I'm definitely for up for anything that makes my life smooth and easy.

So, could this be for me?

While the idea of Zero Waste really made something click inside of me, I'm a bit reluctant to try the capsule wardrobe thing. What if we have a really mild winter and I'm stuck with super heavy knitwear? What if I want some shoes that are actually part of my "spring wardrobe", which is all packed away? It just makes me a little panicky to pick a couple of items and just hope that they will work for me for the next three months. (Yes, I do tend to have a bit of a commitment problem and I like my options to be plenty.)

capsule wardrobe

However, I do like the overall concept of the capsule wardrobe. Especially the part of not shopping during 3 months! I get so easily distracted by new and flashy things, that I tend to over-shop. So, maybe a rule like this would really help me to appreciate my wardrobe and stop the senseless hunt for the next hot thing.

Does anyone of you have a capsule wardrobe? (Did I understand the concept of it, at all?... It took me a while, tbh. 😬) Any advice?