[ Video ] Building a capsule makeup collection

capsule makeup

So, while I'm still trying to figure out whether I want/need a capsule wardrobe for my clothes, I immediately knew I wanted to apply this concept to my makeup collection. I wanted to create a capsule wardrobe for my makeup... a capsule makeup collection. Yeay! It makes just so much sense to me. I've been accumulating so sooo much makeup during the last year, that I started to feel ashamed, overwhelmed and just not in control of my stuff, any more.

capsule makeup

That's the plan:

1. I want to create little makeup stashes for each season.

2. Only the makeup kit for the current season will be in my bathroom. The rest will be stored away.

3. I will try to use up everything in the current makeup kit.

4. After each season, I will store whatever was not used up and I will take the next season's makeup kit out of storage (= my fridge). Of course, if it makes sense to keep using something from one season into the other, I will do so. (E.g. I only have 1 brow gel.)

I really feel I'm on the right track with this. My goal is to use up stuff, reduce my makeup collection and, at some point, only own a few items I love and actually use.

Watch me tackling my makeup collection: