Stuff that helps me breathe when I'm a big snotty mess

I don't know whether it is the insane humidity in Mallorca or whether I've always been so sensitive and just can't remember, but wintertime here is THE. WORST. for me. I sneeze and a I cough and my nose runs uncontrollably during the whole of winter. I basically spend 4 months without being able to smell or breathe properly. It sucks. However, no doctor seems to really worry about my condition, so I guess I just have to roll with it and find my little remedies.

I'm a a big believer in aromatherapy and during wintertime I use all the oils. All of 'em. And some other (probably gimmicky) things that help me breathe.

On my body

Jo Malone Earl Grey Cucumber

I love scents and perfumes and fragrances. The Jo Malone "Earl Grey & Cucumber" cologne is not the classic wintery fragrance. But I love love love the scent of Earl Grey. And combined with cucumber it just smells so fresh and clean, yet spicy. I like to smell it on me when I'm a big snotty mess. Okay, I'm just happy to smell anything, really.

In my room

Neumond Breathe Room Spray

A room spray that helps me breathe. Well done, Neumond. The ingredients are all organic and the scent is actually so strong that I immediately feel the eucalyptus crawling into my poor runny nose.

Under my nose

Primavera Eucalyptus Balm

The Primavera Eucalyptus Balm soothes the sore skin around my nose, but the eucalyptus scent is still so strong that it literally opens up my nose and chest. I always put this on before I go to sleep.

Between my hands

Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Essence

This here is serious stuff. The Aromatherapy Breathe Essence is hands down one of the most effective ways to open up my nose and help me breath. I usually rub it between my palms and breathe it in. Aaaaaaah. The best.

In my aroma diffuser

Neumond Breathe Essential Oil

Another one from Neumond. This is a 100% pure+natural blend of essential oils. I put a few drops in my diffuser and I'm ready to party (aka. sleep).