Hello, pretty plants! (Welcome to Tenerife!!)

I wouldn't really consider myself a plant person. (Nothing beyond a low-maintenance cactus or succulent has made it inside my home, so far.  I do like a good looking cactus, though!) So, to be honest, I'm a little surprised that I went photo-crazy on plants and flowers these days. And I can't actually believe I'm dedicating them a whole post, but they are just soooo gorgeous here in Tenerife. Let's start off with the superstar of all flowers, which is all over Tenerife. Like in parks and on mugs. I even googled the name for you: Strelitzia!

Strelitzia typical flower Tenerife


Oh, and I kinda have a thing for barks:

bark Botanic Garden Puerto de la Cruz

Look at this amazing palm tree bark! I mean, just look at it!

palm tree bark


And another pretty flower. Don't have the name of this one, sorry...

typical flower Tenerife Botanic Garden Puerto de la Cruz


I also went to the Botanical Garden here (that's the freak I am).

Botanic Garden Puerto de la Cruz
Botanic Garden Puerto de la Cruz

Okay, the next post will be less happy-hippy-nature, promise. But I just had to leave you some pretty pictures of these beauties. 🌺