My unconventional view on body confidence

love your body - body confidence

I like my body, No, I LOVE my body! There's nothing I would change about it. I don't have any "problem areas". I'm happy. I bet you're thinking I'm being sarcastic. Like, which woman is seriously happy with her body? And wouldn't change anything about it?


I do have to say, though, that I speak from a privileged place. My body has always been slim. It always kinda fit into  the Western beauty ideal. Losing weight rarely crossed my mind. Still, being thin is not enough if you really want to fulfil all the crazy beauty standards. Your breasts shouldn't be too big or too small. (Better too big than too small.) Tight bottom. Toned stomach. Not too tall.

Obviously, I do not fulfil all these "standards" for a "perfect" body. (I'm definitely too tall, my boobs too small and my stomach too wobbly.)

love your body - body confidence

However, it doesn't bother me.

What does bother me, though, is that women are constantly asked "what they would like to change about their bodies". And you better come up with something! You better don't feel comfortable in you own body! Can you think of an interview with someone who answered this questions with "nothing"? (That arrogant bitch!) Of course, not. You have to be relatable to other women. You have to confirm to other women that even seemingly "perfect" girls are full of issues, which makes them "real" women. ("Real" woman = full of issues and empty of self-worth? Is this the deal?)

And if a woman is kinda happy with her body, then only because she "learned" to love it. Because women are basically born hating their own bodies or what? (Are you noticing my rage building up? 😄)

I do understand that women not feeling comfortable in their own bodies - due to unrealistic beauty ideals and society basically telling them that their value as a human being comes down to their looks - is a huge problem. This has to be addressed. The thing is: if we ONLY address this one aspect of a woman's relationship to her body, we're starting to create a standard that is super harmful: women hate their bodies / body confidence is something that doesn't come natural to them / it's something they must work on and learn.

I believe that language creates and shapes our reality. If we change the discourse, we can actually change the world. (IMHO *cough*)

So I suggest: let's talk more about what we love about our bodies! We even might love the whole of it! And let's ask other women: "Which 3 things would you never change about your body?" "Which are you unproblematic areas?"

Girls, we are beautiful! We are perfect! (Sorry for these cheesy last sentences!😁 But I mean it! It comes from my heart! Take it to heart: WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!)