Beyoncé's slaying it


If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this first: 

Okay, now catch your breath.

There is loads, like LOADS, of controversy around the "Formation (Dirty)" video on the internet. (Starting with the comments on YouTube.)

As far as I'm concerned, this is a friggin' masterpiece. Not only aesthetically (undoubtedly), but also content-wise.



Beyoncé gets real political. Yeah, “What happened at New Orleans”? How are black people treated by society, by the authorities? There are so many things so wrong. Still.

Most of all: what about the black woman?

Beyoncé reclaims her afro, her "Jackson 5 nostrils" and her sexuality.

/Get what's mine, take what's mine/

For far too long women (of all colors) were told to hide their sexuality, to cross their legs, to be ashamed.

And there is Beyoncé shakin' dat bootie, mastering her body, owning it. This is liberation. From any sort of enslavement, from any sort of criminalization.

I know it's a fine line between the over sexualization of the female body and body confidence. I'm afraid, for now, we have to walk that line.



The video is so heavily loaded with imagery that there is now way I could have understood all the references, but there is an extraordinary article on Ms. Magazine if you want a full interpretation.

One thing the article mentions is that the sacred attire Beyoncé wears in the video is a reference to Vodou loa Maman Brigitte who loves to curse and drink rum with hot peppers. Love that!