5 YouTube channels you need to subscribe to right now

Last year, I started to get heavily into YouTube. I had watched videos here and there before, but I wasn’t subscribed to any channels nor did I watch anything regularly. Well, this all changed when I discovered some vloggers I really reaaallly liked and started to subscribe to them and then to more and then to other channels. And I’m now very much hooked on YouTube. And these are my favorites! ❤️

1. Estée Lalonde

This was the first YouTuber I really got hooked on. The videos on her main channel "Estée Lalonde" are usually about beauty/fashion, but she recently started to also talk about other topics, like in this very recent "Femtalk" video. Which I absolutely love! She is so quirky and always empowering towards other women. You go, girl!

Actually, I first got into her vlogging channel "Everyday Estée", in which she takes you along in her day-to-day life. In the beginning, I liked this channel better, as it was a little more raw, less edited and maybe I just enjoy seeing what other people have for breakfast. Also, the whole beauty chit-chat becomes boring for me after a while. But since the focus on her main channel started to shift and she introduced other topics, I do enjoy watching both channels equally.

Here you go, this is her and her boyfriend Aslan in one of her vlogs:

2. Broadly

"Broadly" is part of the "Vice" network and targeted towards girls and women. They cover topics such as prostitution, egg freezing and, well, an all-female biker gang. All in a very "vicey" style. The videos are all rather short and really really engaging. Even topics you would think of as "not really my cup of tea" turn out to be super interesting. My goal is to watch all their videos this month.

3. Nowness

"Nowness" is very aesthetically pleasing to watch. The videos are so sooo well made and very artsy. I guess the overall topic is contemporary culture and Zeitgeist. There are videos about tea artisans in Japan and Beyoncé fans in Brazil. About Janis Joplin and teenagers talking about love. The channel is unique and diverse like no other. Highly recommended!

4. Girl Gang TV

Most videos on "Girl Gang TV" are inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement and DIY culture. This channel is a bit like the punk version of  "Broadly". But then again, you get vids like "Graduate Fashion Week in London". I love it when a channel is diverse and surprises you. Thumbs up! Go check it out!

5. British Vogue

Yep, "British Vogue"! I usually don't find YouTube channels of big companies to be particularly compelling. They often are very "corporate" and just plain boring. I do love the British Vogue channel, though. (And not only because of Alexa Chung. Not only, I said!) The videos are so so interesting. They actually use their power and influence to give viewers real insights into the fashion industry. Also: Alexa Chung!!