These green beauty products are better than conventional ones! *Word!*

So, yeah, natural beauty products are better for your skin and your body. Non-toxic, go green and what not. But no way an all natural mascara "performs" better than a regular one. It doesn't curl my lashes properly, it smudges, doesn't last, etc. etc. (Although I still need to try the Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara!) And oh, there are no green waterproof mascaras. Not yet. Green beauty definitely still has allot of ground to cover. Not these products, though! These are -hands down- the best! And even better than their conventional brothers and sisters!


Dr. Hauschka Foundation

Dr. Hauschka Foundation

... I already raved about this foundation here . And I'm sticking to it! It is the freakin' best foundation I own. Perfect shade, smooothest smoothie texture, super easy to blend with my fingers. ('Cause I really can't be bothered to brush and beauty blend the hell out of my face.) Lovely natural finish and stays put. Take this, Chanel!


rms beauty "un" powder

rms beauty puder

No idea what kind of technology is hidden in this powder, but it is AWE-SOME!!! Image pulverized silk. Feel it. This powder is pulverized silk. It is sooo finely milled and you really only need the tiniest amount for your whole face. Your skin will look mattified, but glowy. Whatever foundation is underneath, it will look better with this on top. Oh, you devilish little wonder of all wonders! (Also, if you see me caressing my face frenetically, it is probably because I put on this powder. Pulverized silk, I kid you not!!)


Ilia Multi-Stick (aka. eye shadow, blush and lipstick all in one!!)

Ilia Multi-Stick

I know it is multi and versatile, but I've only used it as a blush. But I'm still entitled to an opinion, okay? I also own another creme blush, which is from MAC. Which just ain't as good. It doesn't stay on very long (probably a general problem with creme blushes) and it looks kinda uneven on my skin. Now, this here: super pigmented, you only need a little bit of product. Stays on the whole day. Smells kinda edible. And it probably is because of its all natural ingredients. Yummy!


Alverde lip balm

Alverde Lippenbalsam

Super bargain for only €1.15!! And it is awesome! Also, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use a natural lip care product. (Like, you're kinda stupid if you don't.) All the nasty mineral oils and chemicals in regular lip care products dry out your lips! And then you apply more product, which dries out your lips and then you have to put on more lip balm, which ... You get it. If you go green with only one product, do it with lip care!! 💚