What's on my bedside table

bedside table

I have a big bedside table. With loads of stuff on it. Like this massive lavender plant:

lavender plant bedside table

I like having plants in my bedroom. (And just all over the house really.) And the scent of lavender is supposed to calm you down and relax. Just what I want in my bedroom.

There's also a really old and not instagrammable (aka. kinda ugly) radio alarm clock, which I only use as a clock. I put it on Kafka's collective works, so that I can see the time properly when I lie down in bed. (I only read 1 story of Kafka's collective works.)

I also have 3 different lip care products. I like switching things up at night to keep my life spicy.

nuxe reve de miel lip care bedisde table

I sometimes like to read before I go to sleep. Sometimes. (I'm usually waaaay too tired.)

milk and honey rupi kaur

I'm a bit obsessed with scents. Especially in my bedroom. So, additionally to my huge lavender plant, I have this rose scented candle and the Aveda body mist I raved about recently.

Aveda chakra body mist

Hand cream. Classic. And a nail oil. Messy. (But good.) And tissues, of course.

Aveda hand cream bedside table

Over and out.

But heyyyy, what's on YOUR bedside table??