Beauty haul time!! Stuff I got in a German pharmacy


Every time I’m back in Germany I go a little shopping crazy. I don’t know, it is just much harder in Spain to get one’s hands on particular beauty products or on anything that is slightly more “niche” or - good lord - organic! And they are so much more expensive than in Germany! So, let's get cracking with that beauty haul:


Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner

Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner: I’ve used this one before and really really liked it. It sprays very evenly onto your face and instantly refreshes and calms it. I absolutely love the feeling of it. (Also, I’m a massive Dr. Hauschka fan as you might know from this post.)


Bioderma Micellar Water

Bioderma Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution: There has been such a hype around this product that I just wanted to try it out. Small bottle for now, though. I also got some samples, which I tried and liked. Not sure if it is entirely worth the hype, to be honest. There are loads of micellar waters around now, which probably do the same job.


Nuxe Rêve De Miel Cleansing Gel

Nuxe Rêve De Miel Face Cleansing And Make-Up Removing Gel: Everything that has honey in it catches my attention. So l wanted to give this one a try.


Weleda Almond Sensitive Hand Cream

Weleda Almond Sensitive Hand Cream: I’ve already gone through 2 tubes of this and I lllove it. It has the nicest almondy smell, sinks in instantly, leaves the skin super soft. And it is 100% natural!


Nuxe Rêve De Miel Lip Balm

Nuxe Rêve De Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm: Ultra-nourishing indeed. I’ve been using it for a week already and it is soo good. And that orangey honeyish smell! Mmmm.


Dr. Hauschka Foundation

Dr. Hauschka Foundation: This is the best foundation I’ve ever tried. Full stop. Maybe it is because shade #1 is the perfect match for my skintone or maybe it is because of its incredibly creamy consistence. I don’t know. It just works perfectly for me. You can read a full review here.