Why feminists should watch beauty and fashion vlogger

I love love watching Fleur de Force on YouTube. Especially her vlogs. And Estée Lalonde. And Lily Pebbles! They are all beauty/fashion/lifestyle YouTubers and, hence, talk about rather superficial things. I always thought of it as a “guilty pleasure”: shallow entertainment that is seemingly contradictory to my belief of a strong woman fighting stereotypes and claiming her rights.

But is it that contradictory?

Makeup and fashion are not per se oppressive and evil. They can be awesome tools of self-expression and empowerment. Let’s use them as such. Let’s claim them back!

These girls might not have the “ideal” body shape or flawless skin or perfect hair, but they are still confident, stylish and beautiful. They are badass female entrepreneurs with their own makeup line; they write books, win awards and basically run a business.

One common scenario in Fleur de Force’s vlogs is her coming back home after a long day of meetings, filming, makeup trying and makeup creating; her husband by the stove, making dinner. The laundry is done, the clothes ironed.