Snapchat diaries: A beach day in Mallorca

I'm not too much of a beach kinda girl. Which is probably a strange thing to say for someone who lives in Mallorca. So, today, I decided to do it like the "guiris" do and go to the beach! ("Guiri" is a slightly offensive, but also endearing Majorcan word for "foreign tourists".)


So here I am. At the beach "S'Amarador in south-east Mallorca. You can tell I'm an amateur. (Wear sunglasses, you stupid girl!)

It was pretty, though. And there weren't too many people. (Which is kinda unseen in Mallorca - in high season! -). Actually, I would quite recommend S'Amarador. The car parking is just a few walking minutes from the beach. The beach has this amazing pouder-like white sand. Clear water. Sunbeds, sunshades. And a little bar. 👌

beach day Mallorca
beach day Mallorca S'Amarador

... And, of course, no beach day is complete without an ice pop!!

watermelon ice pop

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