Badass Girls part 2 - Blossom Russo ("Blossom")


This legendary 90s sitcom has it all: a mother who left her family to pursue her own life and career, a recovering drug addict brother and badass teenager Blossom Russo. She has her own err "style", strong opinions and considers herself a feminist. (Like, a teenage girl! In the 90s! Bow down to that.) The first episode is already groundbreaking: Blossom gets her period and that’s what everrryone will be talking about for whole 30 minutes. Now, find a family sitcom that does this today.

Edit: I really wanted to embed a Blossom YouTube video here, but they all have these weird frames around the actual video and the quality is rather crappy. So, if you guys know where I can stream Blossom in proper quality, let me know!!

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