Aveda Chakra 5 Body Mist Review

Aveda Chakra 5 Body Mist

I didn't plan to get this body mist. I planned to get a volumising hair product at Aveda. But right next to the cash register they had set up  all these Chakra fragrances. And I have to admit that I tend to be quite susceptible to esoteric things. Chakras are believed to be energy points in your body. So, each body spray appeals to one of the 7 chakras. And the lovely Aveda lady, eager to sell, let me smell all of them. Blind folded. And I had to tell her which scent resonated most with me. Then, I could read the description of each scent and decide which one was most "me".

It was a whole process. And I loved it.

Anyway, I went for the Aveda "Chakra 5", which is the "throat chakra". It is all about self-expression/creativity/communication. I liked that. And I liked the scent.

I mentioned in previous posts, definitely in the "Advice to my younger self" one, that I've always struggled to speak up and say what I truly think. Also, I easily catch a cold and I kinda have this consistent feeling of a clogged throat. That might be TMI, but there you go. This is why the "throat chakra" resonated so much with me.

Aveda Chakra 5 Body Mist

You kinda have to like the typical Aveda-smell and the scent of essential oils to really enjoy this body mist. I LOVE essential oils. The scent reminds me of, I don't know, nature, I guess. It is so very refreshing to smell something so down-to-earth, non-artificial. I just connect with that kind of fragrance.

The "Chakra 5" body mist smells, primarily, of rosemary. Meaning, it smells very herb-like. But it also has a fruity touch to it thanks to the grapefruit. So so lovely!!

I tend to spray it on to my chest and my arms just during the day. And always before I go to bed. I like going to bed fresh and nice-smelling.


If you're into meditation/yoga and like the smell of essential oils, you'll love this body mist. It is definitely no must-have and a little gimmicky. But it is honestly so so lovely to spray it on to your body for a little boost of freshness and essential oils.

(Also, and this is very important to me, but maybe not so much to everybody else: it sprays a very very fine even mist. I hate it when the pump sprays unevenly or too much product. I kinda feel I get "spitted" on. lol So thumbs up for a great pump!!)