Be part of "Adele's Power Girls Squad" (just like Lisa Simpson... kinda)


I thought I’d start a little new series on my blog called “Adele’s Power Girls Squad”. (Yihaaa, does this sound badass or what? ?). It will be up every Monday at 9PM (GMT+1). (Yeah, schedules are not that badass, but hey.) The idea behind it is to inspire girls and women to start off their week full of self-confidence and empowerment.

Sad truth is that women often don’t feel good enough, strong enough, like a fraud, etc. We are often raised to be gentle, to be responsible and to make ourselves likeable. Which can be good things. Yet, it is a bad thing if this is the only acceptable version of femininity. (Then, we are basically degraded to little yes-girls who cannot stand up for themselves.)

There are so sooo many aspects to womanhood. So many little battles to fight every day. What I want for all the girls and women out there and, of course, for myself is to believe that every single one of us is a badass-totally-killing-it-I-own-this-goddamn-city kinda girl. Because we are.

My stories alone could probably fill a whole book of the many times I didn’t speak up when I should have, those many more times I felt insecure (daily!) and my continuous struggle of being a strong and confident woman.

So, this is not me speaking as someone who has her sheez together, but as someone who is totally in the same boat and tries to navigate those bumpy waters (nice metaphor here ?).

Along the way (32 years that is), I thought many thoughts and had many ideas. I discovered things/moments/people that empowered me and things/moments/people that drained me. And how to always choose what empowers me.

Traveling on your own is highly empowering I discovered. (Head over to read my story here.)

So basically, I will be sharing my little stories along with ideas and tips on how to be strong and invincible. Every week. Every day.

See you next Monday! And please leave a comment and let me know in what kind of topics you would be particularly interested … or just say hi :))