naemora sustainable lifestyle blog

You called your blog “naemora”? Is this even a word?

It is more than a word! It is more than a thing! It is a superheroine! … Well, sort of: “Namora” (without “e”) is a – not very well known – character of Marvel Comics. Well, at least I didn’t know her. But while researching really cool names for my blog, I came across this lady and I liked the idea of my blog name being inspired by a female superhero. (I’m a big supporter of female superheroes. And I’m sure one day we will see them in less ridiculous sexy outfits and poses.)



And you are…?

… Adele! German girl living in Spain. I’ve been traveling around a lot since I’ve been 20 years old – especially in Latin America. Currently, I’m based on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea: Majorca, baby! Well, “currently“ is for almost 6 years by now and it looks like I’m going to stick around here for a bit longer.


2 things :

  1. My journey(!) towards a more sustainable lifestyle: zero waste, minimalism, slow fashion, green beauty.
  2. Feminism. Female empowerment + girl power all the way.

If you thoroughly scroll through my blog, you'll find older posts about facial sprays loaded with chemicals and Adidas sneakers. Don't judge me! I'm on a journey here and I had a life before my ethical enlightenment. (Well, "enlightenment". I've always had a soft spot for these topics, but I guess my consciousness was kinda numbed by all the Jo Malone perfumes and Diptyque candles.)


About that circle in my logo...

... I like the symbol of a circle. I like it when things come full circle. When everything fits together and makes sense together. When I feel whole.

If you want to live sustainably, you can't focus only on zero waste or only on minimalism or only on fair fashion. Everything is interwined. I'm not about going radically zero waste or reducing my belongings to 100 things. I'm about understanding how everything is connected and how I can make a positive change in all these areas of my life. I do what I can.